Colonial Evaluation Corp: Proper List Pricing

A proper list price that reflects current and realistic market conditions is critical to getting your South Florida Market area property sold quickly. A fair market price is how I ensure your property sells without languishing on the market.

My evaluation of how your property compares to the current competition is the first step. Then we may suggest some worthwhile corrections you can make to improve that position, once we complete an inspection of your home, we will complete a market analysis and appraisal report of your property.

Appraisal Paried Analysis

First I select comparable properties out of those sold recently and in the neighborhood or nearby. These “comparables” or “comps” are selected based on similarity in features, location and characteristics with your home. They must have been sold as recently as possible so the sold prices are of maximum value.
I then do a through “adjustment” process to adjust their sold prices for any differences with your property.